Sorry, Exterior Chaffer and Sieve Adjusters are no longer available.


Loewen Adjustable Chaffers and Sieves feature nylon adjustment arms & bushings in each wire hole for easy adjustments and to reduce friction, wear and breakage.
Loewen Adjustable Blunt Finger   Loewen Adjustable Short Finger
Loewen Adjustable Blunt Finger: 
This bottom sieve is used in most crops. Also available in wide space for harvesting corn.
Loewen Adjustable Short Finger: 
Recommended for small grains, rice, flax or small seed. Adjust for cleaning in low volume small crops and trashy conditions.
Loewen Round Hole   Loewen Rigid Air Foil
Loewen Round Hole:
This bottom sieve is available in a variety of hole sizes. For use in crops from alfalfa and clover to beans and corn.
Loewen Rigid Air Foil:
Pre-set Air Foil configuration for maximum performance under normal conditions. For optimum recovery of most crops, from coarse to fine, as well as difficult to handle seeds. Loewen Rigid Air Foil Chaffers also feature welded in dividers, which add rigidity and strength, and retain even distribution on hillside conditions.
Loewen Adjustable Long Finger   Loewen (Peterson) Adjustable Air Foil
Loewen Adjustable Long Finger:
Designed for corn and most other large seed crops. Less plugging with cobs and trash will occur with this chaffer.
Loewen (Peterson) Adjustable Air Foil: 
Designed for all crops, including grasses and small seeds. Air Foil design directs the air virtually straight up, creating a cushion that moves material towards the back. Helps to remove straw and stems.
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