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Concaves and Grates

John Deere Concaves STS Concaves
John Deere Concaves: 
Loewen concaves are made with grade C1045 high carbon steel, and have added strength at stress points. All concaves feature milled, square-edge cross bars for a smooth and even threshing surface, and C1045 1/4" wires. Holes are drilled to provide a tight wire fit, which prevents spearing and trapping of straw. Concaves are available in Standard, Hardened or Hard Chrome.
STS Concaves: 
Rotary concaves feature 3/8" x 2" high carbon C1045 steel cross bars and 3/8" side plates, making this concave much heavier and virtually impossible to bend or bow. Available in Narrow Wire, Wide Wire, Round Bar and Helical.
Helical Concave Conventional and Rotary Concaves
Helical Concave: 
The Loewen Helical Bar Concave features angled cross bars for more aggressive threshing. This unique concave is designed to prevent whitecaps or unthreshed grain in hard to thresh crops. Material enters the rotor and strikes the cross bars at a right-angle, which hits the heads hard and breaks up any straw that could interfere with the separation of the grain. For tough conditions, it is recommended to install a Helical Concave in both the front and middle positions.
Conventional and Rotary Concaves: 
Heavier support braces underneath. Heavy duty 3/8" or 1/2", grade 1044 - 1045 high carbon steel cross bars. Line bored for uniform height - improves threshing and separating. For longer wear and more strength, Loewen also offers Hardened and Hard Chromed Concaves.
Grate Cover Plates Keystock and Slotted Grates
Grate Cover Plates: 
For Case/IH grates. Recommended for sunflowers and some grasses. The solid grate cover plate prevents stalks and stems from clogging the cleaning system.
Keystock and Slotted Grates: 
For Case/IH rotary combines. Keystock Grates are recommended for corn, milo, maize and rice. Helps reduce rotor losses in low moisture and high yield corn. Slotted Grates are ideal for edible beans and most small grains. Additional channels can be installed to reduce the amount of chaff that goes through the grates.
Spring Loaded Concave Shock Kit Concave Cover Plate
Spring Loaded Concave Shock Kit: 
The Shock Kit is designed to reduce or prevent damage to your concaves, pipes and rotor. The heavy duty compression springs absorb the shock caused by a foreign object or large amounts of material going through the threshing area.

Concave Cover Plate: 
For Case/IH rotary concaves. For improved distribution of material across the entire width of the shoe auger. Ideal for small grains. Fits Loewen and original concaves.
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